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List of Tamil Islamic Blogs

Following is the List of Tamil Islamic Blogs:

1. Ethirkkural

2. Nidur-Neivasal Association

3. Valikaatti

4. Ummath

5. Masdooka

6. Seasons Nidur

7. Thapalpetti

8. Islamic Dress

9. Islamic Fold

10. Athikkadayan

11. Ethiroli

12. Iniya Maarkkam

13. Paalaivanathoothu

14. Nidur Blog

15. Naan Muslim

16. Palestien

17. Say No To Dowry

18. Christian Paarvai

19. Muslim Arasiyal

20. Islam Preaches

21. Azeez spin

22. Islamic Paradise

23. Eliya Markkam

24. Eliya Markkam

25. Thoothuththuvam

26. Iniya Ramadan

27. Islamic Ummath


29. What does ISLAM really teach?

More Sites will be added later, Insha ALLAH.

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    Advice To Muslims: A Parable Of A Horse In A Well

    There once was a horse that fell into an abandoned well. His owner wanted to get him out but when he calculated the cost and effort and contemplated what he would have to do and everything the task would involve and the result of that, he came to a conclusion. He figured that the horse is too old and the well is abandoned. So, it would be easier just to buy a new horse and fill up the old well. Therefore, the plan was made.

    The man went around to his neighbors and asked them to help him. So, they all gathered at the well and began shoveling dirt onto the horse. Well, the horse started going crazy, whining and sreaming and stomping. Suddenly, the sound dissappeared. The horse’s owner leaned over the well and looked down. He was amazed at what he saw.

    Everytime a person dumped dirt onto the horse, he shook it off, when the dirt fell to the ground he stomped it . The more dirt they dumped on him the more he shook it off and stomped, rising up. The horse continued doing that until he finally made it to the top and jumped out of the well.

    Brothers and sisters, this is exactly like life. This is exactly what Muslims have to go through. People are dumping dirt on you all the way from A to Z and you continue to rise by shaking it off and ignoring it. People have nothing but to bury you. It could be from your own family, friends, or your enemies. As long as you are with Allah (SWT) you will run into people who will definatley do that. And what is your job?

    Your job is to be patient. Your job is to ignore. Your job is to shake it off like nothing happend. When someone insults you, when someone says something negative about you, know that you are with Allah (SWT). No one can do anything to you and the more people attack you the more you rise up.

    And also remember that, people don’t attack a tree without fruit. They attack the tree with the fruit. They throw the stones to get the fruit out of that tree.

    So, there is some benefit in that when you have something good, people will attack you. When you don’t have anything good, why should they talk about you? Why should they demean you? Why should they put you down? You are nothing. But when you are someone people will attack that.

    Leave all the worries and burdens everything you you have and remember every calamity and problem you face is like a handful of dirt. Shake it off and rise with your actions and you will find yourself on top. The best time to find yourself on top is the Day of Judgement. Make your heart free of worries. Make your mind free of stress and live your life simple.

    watch the full lecture here:

    Taken from a Khutbah by Shaykh Hasan Khalil Slightly modified to make the story flow in print form.

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